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Seasonings BBQ Box - All In, High Flyin' Chicken, and Truffle & Chop

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All In Seasoning:

Blues Hog All In Seasoning will quickly become your "GO-TO" rub. Enhance anything and everything with this well-balanced flavor. Whatever you choose to eat, this seasoning will take it to the next level!

High Flyin' Chicken:

Take your chicken or poultry to new heights with Blues Hog High Flyin' Chicken Seasoning. We're rufflin' feathers with how good this one tastes! Are you ready for the best bird ever?!

Truffle & Chop Seasoning:

Blues Hog Truffle & Chop Seasoning is bold and savory with an added depth of fresh truffle. Bring the elegance of gourmet dining to your cook.