Raspberry Chipotle 5 Different Ways [Video]

Raspberry Chipotle 5 Different Ways [Video]

1. With Rotisserie Chicken

Boost any simple rotisserie chicken, whether store-bought or home-cooked, with the sweet heat of our Raspberry Chipotle Barbecue Sauce. 

2. Sauced Pork Ribs

Raspberry Chipotle serves as the perfect sweet glaze on pork ribs.

3. Club Sandwich

Give your average club sandwich a spin with a drizzle of Raspberry Chipotle. This sauce will take your sandwich to a whole new level! 

4. Cream Cheese Cracker Spread

Pair our our raspberry chipotle bbq sauce with a block of cream cheese for an amazing crack spread. Perfect for serving as finger food for any party or gathering. 

5. Slow-Cooker Meatballs

Level-up your party snacks with Raspberry Chipotle Meatballs. This recipe works well on game-day or at any party.



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Raspberry Chipotle Squeeze (26oz)

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Raspberry Chipotle (19oz)

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