Grilled New Potatoes

Grilled New Potatoes
Plated Grilled New Potatoes


  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 
  • 2 tsp minced fresh rosemary leaves
  • ½ Blues Hog Bold and Beefy Seasoning
  • 2 lbs new potatoes 1 ½-2” in diameter, cleaned and quartered
  • ½ Onion


Prepare grill for direct grilling over med heat 350º - 450º.

In a small bowl, combine oil , rosemary , Blues Hog Bold & Beefy Seasoning. Poor over potatoes and stir to coat evenly.

Clean grill with cut onion half. Grill potatoes and close the lid until tender and brown on all sides 15-20 mins. Remove from the grill and transfer to a serving bowl.



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