Blues Hog Gameday Wings

Blues Hog Gameday Wings
Chicken Wings Plated with Tennessee Red Barbecue Sauce, Sweet and Savory Seasoning, and Champions Blend Barbecue sauce



    1. Prepare grill for cooking using a vortex, with one grill grate down the middle 
    2. Remove chicken wings from packaging and cut wing tips off and continue to cut and separate drums and flats - season all sides with Blues Hog Sweet and Savory 
    3. Place the 4-5 wings on the grill grate for 1 min each directly over the vortex ... this is just to get the jail bird lines. After the lines are set move to the indirect side of the grill, towards the outside of the cooking grate. Continue the same with 4-5 more wings until all wings have grill marks and have been moved to the indirect 
    4. Grill wings for 30-40 minutes turning occasionally for even cooking.
    5. In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt ½ stick of butter. Add both BBQ sauces and heat to simmer while the wings cook.
    6. Wings are done when internal temperature reaches a minimum of 165º
    7. Toss the grilled wings in the sauce in a half pan or large bowl. 
    8. Place all wings back on the grill to set the sauce.. approximately 10 minutes
    9. Serve wings with the extra BBQ sauce 

    Wings on the Grill/ Sauce poured on the wing / Wings plated


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    Recipe Created By 

    Bill Purvis, Chicken Fried BBQ


    After his initial exposure to competition BBQ at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, it wasn’t long before Bill started helping one of his friends cook on his competition team. Competitive by nature, it didn’t take very long for Bill to develop the itch. At his first contest on his own in 2019 he landed 1st in ribs and was Reserve Grand Champion at the event. Since then, Bill has competed in 53 contests, has won 5 Grand Champions, 7 Reserve Grand Champions, and 39 top 10 finishes. Recently, Bill's love for competition BBQ has led him to team up with some of the best cooks in Texas to form the new sanction body, Champions Barbecue Alliance, where he serves as Operations Director.

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